First Responders

Dedicated to serving those who serve us.

As A Retired Law Enforcement Officer Of 20 Years, Gary Understands You!

Gary understands the hardships and uncertainty first responders and their families face every day.  In fact, many of his family members have dedicated their lives to public service, serving as police officers, nurses, EMT’s, and firefighters.  Nobody understands the day-to-day lives of public service personnel better than Gary.

As a first responder, you have made the selfless decision to serve your community and our law firm appreciates everything you have done.  You are a hero to our community, your family, and to us. If you are dealing with a tough legal matter, let our team at GFC LAW be your hero!

Here at GFC LAW, we will always work around your schedule and make you our number one priority.  We offer consultations after normal business hours specifically and only for First Responders who work those tough schedules.

Marital and Family Law for First Responders

With today’s uncertain times, daily stress, fatigue, and lack of support, first responders are at a higher risk to be involved in a divorce or other family related matter.  You are out there, in the streets, facing and confronting some of the worst situations a person must deal with.  For many of you out there, the physical and emotional strain from your profession only gets worse when confronted with a legal matter.  First responders work long overnight hours, face frequent life-threatening dangers, witness traumatizing events, which all lead to a higher risk of being involved in a family related matter.

Gary helps first responders understand the divorce process and then deal with the difficult road ahead.  As a first responder, your work schedule can sometimes be outside the regular 9 to 5 “normal business workday”.  This might be an obstacle to overcome as you navigate the divorce process. This is an area Gary understands very well.

In every divorce case involving first responders, you may have certain assets that will be different then non-governmental employees.  An example of one of these assets is your defined benefit pension, county or municipality pension, or the Florida Retirement System.  In Florida, chapter 61.075 Florida Statutes explains the equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities. This is a very complex and difficult section of Florida law to understand. Publicly funded pensions earned by first responders can differ from private pensions.

On behalf of GFC LAW we thank you for your service.  We believe your sacrifice to our community is just one example of your honor, integrity, and character, which Attorney Celetti will zealously defend.  We will fight for you, just like you fight for us every day! Let GFC LAW do the right thing and allow us to serve and protect you.