Practice Areas

Here at GFC LAW, we primarily focus on the areas of Family Law, Domestic Violence, and Criminal Defense.

We help people solve their legal issues

Our three major areas of practice at GFC LAW are Marital and Family Law, Domestic Violence, and Criminal Defense.  Click below to learn more about each area!

How It Works

Although each and every case requires a different amount of work, here’s a basic three step process on what to expect when you hire GFC LAW. 


Meet with Mr. Celetti either virtually through zoom or in person at our office to discuss your case


After hiring us, we go in-depth into your case and carefully craft a strategy to implement moving forward

Take Action

Whether it's negotiating on your behalf, or representing you in court, Mr. Celetti will advocate for you to the fullest extent


Attorney Gary F. Celetti, Jr. has over 20 years of unique experience, having worked on the other side as a former police officer. This allows him – and you – a beneficial perspective to better anticipate what trial will be like.  Gary works hard for every client, purposefully keeping a low case load so he can focus significant attention on each client’s case. He will work directly with you so that you will feel comfortable about your situation and fully understand your options moving forward.

Each and every case is different and requires varying amounts of time and work so it is impossible to gauge how much your case will cost.  However, the firm offers very competitive pricing to ensure that you can obtain the affordable legal advocacy you need.  Many of our clients even say our rates should be higher given the quality of representation, but we simply seek to support families and their needs at the affordable rate they deserve.

Contacting Gary is extremely easy as he is a highly responsive attorney who handles each and every case with careful detail and attention.  Simply calling the Firm during business hours or sending an email to Gary is the easiest way to get in contact with him.  He is still a very busy person due to the nature of being an attorney but nine times out of ten you will get a response within the same day.